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Unlike lawn bowling and bocce ball, which are played close to the ground, there are a number of other backyard ball sports that take the ball into many different directions. We have grouped these games such as Spike Ball, Dodgeball, Four Square and similar games under our Backyard Ball Sports.

While each game utilized different equipment, rules and the number of players, they all motivate us to go outside and play well with others, or at least we strive to play well with others.

Spike Ball or Spikeball (you decide)

Spikeball or spell check’s approved spelling Spike Ball is a relatively new sport on the scene. It is best described as a cross between volleyball and four-square that utilizes a small round elevated net and a single ball. Designed to be played two on two, with the net in the middle and the ball spiked back and forth earning points.


Dodgeball traces its roots back to Africa, with origins in the United States dating back to the early 1900’s. The game received official rules not long after and the game has been played in school gyms, professional courts or the backyard. While dodgeball carries a little controversy for its objective of throwing balls at others to eliminate them, the rules are clear that the hit must be below the head and should be done so with an air of respect. The game may not be for everyone, but the popularity of the game carries on today and so we will honor that.

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