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“Just A Twirl & Whirl Girl”

Explore our gift shop dedicated to those who love to twirl, whirl and sometimes curl. Help them share their love of this amazing sport or choose something for yourself that says all you want it to say!!!

Baton Twirling Books, Journals & Guides

Explore the best books for baton twirling coaches, parents and performers to educate yourself about the details of the sport. Things are always changing, but having an inside scoop gives you the advantage every time.

Keep track of practice hours, new skills, or journal your experience in one of these fantastic journals.

Explore your creative side with these creative baton twirling gifts.

Baton Twirler Coloring Book

Baton Twirler Gifts

Give the perfect gift to your best baton twirlier, coach or parent to show how much you care, to say thank you or cheer on their birthday.

Baton Twirling Graphic Tees

Only to be worn by someone who has done the work, loves the sport, and wants to share it with the world.

Baton Twirling Art

Add a unique piece of baton twirling art to the studio, bedroom, or classroom and show off your baton twirling love and support.