Baton Twirling Facts

Baton Twirling is a world-wide sport, great exercise and fun to watch.

Baton Twirling v. is a sport involving the manipulation of a metal rod with the hands and body to a co-coordinated routine often accompanied by music. 

Here are a few Facts about Baton Twirling You May Not Know

  1. The origin of how Baton Twirling began is a bit of a mystery, but its roots form around music, marching bands and keeping step with the beat.
  2. The sport is thought to have begun in Mississippi right after the Civil War at Millsaps College. It was considered a man’s skill performed by drum majors who juggled heavy batons while leading marching bands.
  3. Women entered the sport in the 1930’s and were given the name majorette.
  4. Men and women both perform and compete in Baton Twirling, but the sport created by men is dominated by women.
  5. Baton Twirling has its own association, the United States Twirling Association.
  6. There is a National Twirling Hall of Fame
  7. A baton has a ball on one end and a tip on the other.
  8. Twirling helps children to develop eye-hand coordination, improves the ability to use both sides of their mind and body, and is a fun way to encourage activity.
  9. Children as young as 2 begin twirling.
  10. Size matters in Baton Twirling, you want to the right length and width. Experts recommend measuring from under the arm to the tip of your middle finger to determine the best size.
  11. Baton Twirling is still not an olympic sport.
  12. Twirlers twirl more than a baton, they have been know to twirl fire sticks, knives, hoops, fake guns, ribbons and more.
  13. Baton Twirling is great exercise. It’s a great exercise, especially for cancer survivors because it opens up the lymphatic system and the moves stretch and strengthen the torso.
  14. A Baton Twirler is a majorette who twirls with a band, at a parade or with a troupe, but a Baton Twirler is not always a majorette when completing or performing in a different capacity.
  15. Baton Twirling is a wonderful activity for young ones. It improves coordination, upper body fitness and dexterity. Starting young will enhance future plans for school, competitive and even Olympic dreams.
  16. The guns twirled by twirlers are not real, but the knives and fire are.

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