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Bocce Ball is one of the oldest sports in the world and is a game involving wooden balls. Along with this well known sport, a number of other sports have come on the scene that have similar rules, actions or fields. Explore our Bocce Shop that is filled with not only everything you need to enjoy the sport of Bocce Ball, but many other related backyard games that are worth a try.

Bocce Ball was invented sometime around 5200 B.C., making it one of the oldest games still played today. Invented in what is now Italy, the country takes credit for making it one of the most popular outdoor games of all time. Bocce Ball is a competitive game of skill, strategy and ability that can be played between two people or two teams. Once once of the most widely played games in Italy and in many areas across the world, the rise of other sports and activities has reduced its popularity. The community style sport is played on grass, dirty or a flat stone surface and sharpens the reflexes and builds judgment skills while giving people the perfect opportunity to interact. The game is played with a set of wooden balls, a small ball often called a ‘Jack’ on an outdoor court. This is a wonderful game to play in the backyard, campsite or park and it brings old world charm to parties, showers and wedding receptions.

Pétanque is similar to Bocce Ball, the third most popular sport in the world, but the focus is shifted from rolling the ball in Bocce Ball to tossing the ball in Pétanque. The balls used to play Pétanque are about the size of an orange that is hollow and made of metal. Pétanque is a great choice for play at the beach or when the surface is a little uneven.

Modern Lawn Bowling or Pin Lawn Bowling, is more akin to traditional bowling but played in the yard or outside setting with wooden balls and a set of bowling pins. The predecessor to modern lawn bowling is the game Skittles which has been played in the UK for over 500 years. Skittles is played with 9 pins, while today’s bowling games use 12 pins. Another yard game with a similar name is Lawn Bowling (bowls or lawn bowls) which is played with a ball that is round in one direction and elliptical in the other and like Bocce Ball, it is played with a ‘Jack’ ball. Traditional Lawn Bowling is popular in Europe and Australia, while the more modern version played with bowling pins outside is becoming more popular. Both games are a great for backyard fun and can be mastered by all if given the time and practice.

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